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Date Rape Drugs By toxictrace On 2010-06-02

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault - DATE RAPE - They use such playful terms such as "e", or "love drug" or "special k" - the slang words sound fun - nothing harmful -  but just ask anyone who has been unknowingly subjected to these toxic nervous system depressant drugs and there is nothing fun about the experience.  Painful memories follow you for years. 

Picture this, you are out with your friends, at the beach, at a local club, dancing, flirting with a cute guy or girl,  and all of a sudden you feel more intoxicated than you should? or you feel nauseous, dizzy, disoriented  - maybe a weird heaviness in your arms and legs.  IF you don't think you should be drunk or intoxicated but you are - let your friends know and have someone you know take you home.  If a kindly stranger is right there at  your side offering assistance.  SAY NO.  Unless it is an identified Police Officer or local official.  Instead call someone in a position of authority, call attention to your situation and if you have the ability let your friends know that you cannot be left alone until a parent, legal guardian or person in authority comes for you.  These "date rape drugs" generally take about 10 - 15 minutes to feel the effects and may have a bitter or salty taste but often times have no taste, color or odor. 

Some old advice is never pick up your drink after you have left it unattended while dancing, using the bathroom or just looked away while talking to someone.   Always know the person who is preparing your drink - bartender or frat boy - best friend or stranger - watch them and be aware of the taste of your drink.  Always have MAD Money - that is the amount of money it takes to get you home safely in a private cab or car service.

If you think you were raped - understand that no one invites or causes or deserves to be sexually assaulted.  RAPE is not about morals or even about sex - it is a FELONY CRIME.  Men and women alike wake up and have no memory of the preceding hours but their bodies often feel and show signs of abuse.  You may wake up partially or fully undressed or maybe  your predator left no signs.  If you have some uneasy feeling about the preceding nights events, collect your first morning urine specimen and store it in the refrigerator until you can hand it off to a professional drug tester.  Preserve your clothes and sheets and do not shower, douche, or brush your teeth until you have spoken to a professional. If you have the previous night's drink glasses or bottles, keep it for evidence.  Call your local rape crisis center and ask them for help. 732-264-4111 or 1-888-264-7273.  All your phone calls are confidential. 

Your local DNA & drug screening center will test your urine for the following substances - Methlenedioxymenthamphetamine or MDMA; Gamma Buyterolactone; Ketamine; Rohypnol and/or Embalming Fluids.   (Marijuana soaked in embalming fluids will have a strong noxious odor while burning and can cause unconsciousness for about 4 hours)  If you are unable to preserve your first morning's urine, these drugs can also be detected in hair and nails up to 90 days after the event; however, a clear timeframe must be indicated on the day of testing, ie, "I think that someone gave me a daterape drug on June 1st" - in this way, your drug screener will notify the laboratory where to concentrate for the presence of a drug.  

Drinking is not a crime but can only be enjoyed in moderation.  Excessive drinking lowers your inhibitions - know when to stop and know how to get home safely.  Drugs, whether they are prescribed or not, combined with drinking are a lethal combination - just do a search on Karen Ann Quinlan.

Drug Testing Questions for New Jerseyites By toxictrace On 2009-10-02
Whether it is for yourself, a family member or a child, here are some of the frequently asked questions related to private drug tests available in New Jersey.

What drugs are included in a Five (5) Panel Drug Test?
Marijuana (THC), Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Opiates and Phencyclidine (PCP)

What drugs are included in a Ten (10) Panel Drug Test?
Marijuana (THC), Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Opiates, Phencyclidine (PCP),
Propoxyphene, Methadone, Barbiturates and Benzo-diazepines

What drugs are tested in a basic Date Rape Panel?
GHB, Rohypnol and Ketamine

How long after use are drugs detectable?
The answer depends on which drug; type of specimen; and the sensitivity of the testing procedure.

Hair: Drugs stay in the hair, so detection is dependent on the length submitted for testing. A
standard hair drug test is 1 ½", or 90 days

Nails: This includes Nail Clippings (from the tips of the nails) and Nail Shavings/Scrapings (from the surface of the nail). Nail clippings yield an approximate thirty (30) day timeframe, six
(6) months prior to collection. Nail clippings and shavings yield up to a six (6) month
time frame.

Should I bring copies of my prescription medications to my drug test?

Yes, if you are attending an employment or student based drug screen. Copies of your prescriptions will prove you are medically required to take some drugs that can show up as positive in a drug test. The prescriptions help us to determine whether or not the prescriptions are consistent with the drug test results.  With the increase in prescription drug abuse, if you have a prescription and want to know if your levels are indicative of the prescription then bring the prescription or at least the dosage with you.  If you are having a private drug screen, for your own information it is not necessary to bring your prescriptions but it is wise to let the collector know what drugs may be found.

How long does THC (Marijuana) stay in the body?
This answer depends on your metabolism and the frequency of smoking. Even if a person has been clean for a month, they may still test positive on a drug screen because there are still residual amounts of the drug in their body. If a person was a heavy smoker and had a slow metabolic rate, it is more likely that THC will stay in his/her body longer than someone who smoked less frequently, and had a higher rate of metabolism.

What is the average turnaround time for test results?
The below-listed screen and test result turnaround times are for our most commonly ordered tests Note that turnaround time begins upon receipt of the specimen at the laboratory.

Negative Drug Screens
Using Hair, Nail or Oral Fluid Specimens 24 - 48 Hours

Positive Drug Confirmations 72 Hours

Date Rape Panels 10 Business Days
Steroid Panels 10 Business Days
Unknown Substance Analysis 10 Business Days
Unknown Poisons and Toxins Analysis 10 Business Days

What does it mean when the report indicates "non-detected"?
There are no all-inclusive drug tests. Only specific drugs or drug categories may be addressed by any test or series of tests. When the toxicology report indicates that no drugs were detected, this merely indicates that none in the specific categories mentioned were found at or above detection limits. Lower drug concentrations cannot be excluded. Furthermore, it does not exclude the presence of drugs in categories not tested.  If you are having a private drug screen, to test yourself first before taking an employee or school based drug test, be honest with the collector so that your test provides the answer to your question.

What does it mean when the report indicates "Dilute"?
Creatinine concentration is checked during standard urine drug tests. High creatinine levels indicate a pure test while low amounts of creatinine in the urine can indicate a possibly manipulated test, either through the addition of water in the sample or by drinking excessive amounts of water. It should be noted that people who drink excessive amounts of water on a regular basis may also register with a low creatinine level. Therefore, adulteration should not be automatically assumed, but merely considered. Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine phosphate in muscle, and is usually produced at a fairly constant rate by the body. Normal creatinine levels for adults are >20mg/dl. If creatinine is diluted, the overall test procedure results will be reported as "Dilute".

What is "Limit of Detection" and do you test this on every test? 

The standard testing is to utilize cut-off levels. Limit of Detection means reporting any detectable amount of drug. A test can be performed using Limit of Detection; however, this must be requested in writing on the chain-of-custody form.

Drug Testing with Hair Specimens:
How long does it take from time of consumption for drugs to grow out into the hair shaft?
Approximately 7 - 14 days

What are the different time frames associated with hair testing?
Every one-half inch (1/2") of head hair is approximately equivalent to a thirty (30) day timeframe. Body hair yields an aproximate six (6) month timeframe. A standard hair test is 1 ½", or 90 days.

Can I find out if a person used drugs on a month-by-month timeframe through hair testing? Yes, if you request the laboratory to segment the hair sample. Segmentation of hair must be specified on the chain-of-custody form. For example, if a client wishes to evaluate the last three (3) months for drug use but wants to evaluate each month separately, the following format should be written in the comments section on the chain-of-custody form:

(0-30), (31-60), (61-90)
The numbers refer to days in the month. If there is no time frame specification reflected on the chain-of-custody for hair testing, the standard cut of 1 ½" is tested as a 90 day test.

Check back at Toxic Trace from time to time as we update our blog with more information to help you navigate through drug and alcohol screening services.  All our tests, and all your calls are confidential.  To help determine the best test available for your circumstances, we have access to staff members that include business, chemistry, environmental engineering, toxicology and forensic certified employees, with over 80 years of combined relevant work experience.


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