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Drug test for an individual By toxictrace On 2012-04-19
Personal Drug Testing
Now individuals can have a similar test to the one that their employers or other entities are likely to use.Based on this confirmed positive level, you may be able to judge how long a particular drug stays in your system.
Hair Testing

Testing hair for drugs of abuse, primarily Amphetamines, Cocaine, Opiates, and Phencyclidine (PCP) involves detecting drug use over an approximately 90-day period, 180-day period, or a 270-day period. 

The regular, chronic user is most likely to show a positive result. When a drug is ingested it enters the blood stream and then chemical particles as components of these drugs are deposited in the cortex of the hair as a permanent part of the hair strand. Therefore, dyes, bleaches, and styling products will not affect the outcome of a hair test.

The reason that Marijuana is not included as part of the profile is due to inconclusive results. A small sample of hair from the scalp will be taken and then analyzed by the laboratory. It will first be washed and have its melanin (coloring) removed.


Information Guides

  • Alcohol...can kill oneself, others or even a business.
  • Drugs...illegal and even legal ones can cause one to wreak a life, family and business.
  • Under the Influence...of drugs or alcohl changes a persons behavior, abilities and reactions.
  • Employers...own it to their business, customers and employees for a drug free zone!
  • Schools...bad behavior effects all in the learning of both knowledge and social norms.
  • Personal...families are the most effected since relationships and feelings are involved.

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