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Do we Really Have to Drug Test our Children? By toxictrace On 2013-04-08

What kind of society has to set up a Formal Request for Bid to drug test school aged children?  I recently received a bid for Drug Screening Evaluation from a public school system in New Jersey.  The school actually wants to test children for the presence of Opiates, Amphetamines, Cocaine, PHP, THC, Barbituates, Benzodiazepines, Morpheines, K2/Spice, Steroids and other street and prescription drugs.  If the children are on any of these drugs, without advice of a physician, they are most probably sitting in classrooms like Zombies.  Or lurking in the hallways being a nuisance and danger to other students.  By the way, as a tax payer am I paying for this school's new drug screening program?  I am not naieve to the existence of recreational drug use by curious children but Ketamine? Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Methadone - this is not recreational curiousity - this is addiction and up to absolutely no good.   

Have we come to that place in time, where school administrators have to bid this project out because of the enormity of the amount of drug abuse in our systems?  Steroid, Rape Drugs, Oxcodone - how can a child sit in a classroom and learn anything if these are the drugs of their afterschool activities?  I would think if a child were under the influence of any of these substances, then it would be apparent, and bidding a project out to a doctor, lab or private provider is just an administrative and accounting nightmare.  IF the child is that far along, someone else failed.  Pick the child out of the classroom, call in mommy/daddy or whoever is the legal guardian and have that person bring you back a clean alcohol/drug screen for their child before that particular child is let back into to infest the other children.  At the same time, have that mommy/daddy or legal guardian brought to the attention of DYFS because obviously the child is neglected and in harm if they are using any of these street drugs. 

The school's responsibiity is to 1.)  educate our children and at the same time insure the safety of our children while in their care.  I have witnessed, long before the Sandy Hook tragedy that certain schools have armed police men in the cafeteria (I am talking about a middle school - ages 10 - 12). If you have children in  your school system who need to be randomly tested for K2/Spice/MDMA (also known as Ecstasy) -and need an armed Policemen on duty  that school system has already failed, no child is being educated - it is most likely just a "babysitting" service while the moms/dads/legal guardians are either trying to make ends meet or out doing their own thing. 

Summer is coming, send out fliers with end of year report cards, to all parents and legal guardians that their little darling won't be accepted back into school in September without a full doctor's report on the child's health which should include up to date vaccine information, dental visits, as well as any recreational drug use present in a drug/alcohol screen done by their private physician and any other psychological issues that are brewing - the school is responsible for the safety of all of the children - those with drug/alcohol/psych issues need to be watched in order to safeguard other children.

Where are children age 14 - 18 getting the drugs from?  What about strict liability laws - no drugs in/near school zones.  How are the rest of the children being protected - how has the abuse of such horrendous street drugs become so rampant that a school needs to bid it out on such a scale?  Or is this just a revenue generating process for the school.

And yet, in June how many teachers will retire on great big fat pension checks, and benefit packages leaving behind in their wake drug addicted, uneducated, un- employable children in this particular school district?  Are they proud of a job well done, or are they just happy to get the hell out of there?

Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol Testing for Students By toxictrace On 2010-06-09

As a student member of an athletic league, you want your team to perform at optimum levels.  You depend on them for backup and support during your sports event and you have the right to know that your team mates are clean and sober (so to speak). 

If your team mate was out last night, drinking or drugging, he or she is certainly not at optimum performance and their lack of respect for their bodies will impede your goals - good clean fun - and winning!  We all know, it is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.  Well, you may be working hard every day to insure your performance is up to par but if your team mates are not doing the same - you suffer.

If the schools do not want to pay for random drug and alcohol screening for students participating in extracurricular activities then parents should accept Sports Team dues which allows the coach to randomly test a player.  A coach should have an idea if his players are participating in drinking and/or drugging by their behavior or performance.  Alternatively, team members should have the ability to anonymously inform the coach to initiate a drug/alcohol screen.  In the long run place the individual participating in alcohol abuse or drug abuse can be put on the road to sobriety.  The goal is to remove athletes from a team in order to preserve the safety of other individuals on their team, in order to penalize for behavior not accepted in society and in order to allow for the integrity of the sport and its players.

Athletes around the world are honored for their hard work and good, clean living.  Using drugs to enhance performance is just not honest and does not create an even playing field.  Abusing alcohol and/or drugs is a sign of other problems that if taken care of early on - allows the true athlete to free himself/herself from addictions that may hinder their true performance.



Teenage Alcohol and Drug Testing By admin On 2010-06-01

In many states, it has been reported that the number of schools are using breath analyzers and other drug such tests to detect the use of alcohol and illegal substance during proms and other school events is increasing. Companies that sell these products are having a field day offering a wide selection to school officials. Schools that have no intention of owning these gadgets can count on the police to lend them these devices.

These are great devices, especially when used wisely and randomly. School officials can prevent accidents and mishaps by testing suspicious students for intoxication. However, we could not help but think -- aside from these instruments, what is being done to actually prevent alcohol from being consumed before, during or after these school activities?

It may be to everyone's great advantage if equal focus is given towards educational programs that will help lower a teenager's urge to consume alcohol or give in to the temptation to drink. These programs may be created by the school in collaboration with parents and non-profit organizations to resolve this issue on alcohol abuse. All the breath analyzers and Intoximeters in America will not prevent teenagers from drinking.

After all, we know for a fact that underage drinking is not confined to school events. How many teenagers have gotten drunk on school premises even when there was no school dance? There would be no breath analyzers or school officials there to admonish them or stop them from getting into a car. Dances happen twice, three times, four times a year, and the rest of the time, we have teenagers holding secret drinking sessions in their bedrooms during a sleepover while their parents are asleep.

Maybe the question is not about if we are doing enough random alcohol and drug testing identify offenders. It should be focused on what we need to do to keep them from drinking in the first place.


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