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Toxic Trace  is a privately owned drug and alcohol testing facility. We provide screening, testing and evaluations for issues related to Toxicology,  serving the Occupational (employment), Clinical and Forensic communities.

Issues relating to detection of drug or alcohol use, or existence of poisons can be resolved for you by the use of certified labs we are affiliated with.

Take our tests first!

  • Insure you will pass a pre-employment screen.
  • Insure you will pass a court ordered screen.
  • Eliminate any doubts about your child, family member or employee.

You supply the person/sample to be screened and we provide the full service of sample  collection, to lab submittal and final detailed results provide back to you only. Each case is handled by one Case Manager from initial request to final results.

Our knowledge of and affiliation with certified labs provides you with the most accurate results possible for a giving test.

Random employee and student drug testing offers everyone the opportunity to say no and lessens peer pressure. Let your customers, students know that alcohol and drug abuse are a barrier to achieving one's full potential. Early intervention is the key to eliminating self medicating behaviours and setting up coping strategies acceptable to society.


Pre-screening for drug/alcohol abuse avoids time spent on recruiting new employees. Random testing provides an environment of maximum performance. Industries that may benefit from our screening are taxi and limousine transportation, industrial and warehouse facilities, in-home elder and child care providers. Your customers will be confident knowing you have done all you can to provide a reliable employee. Let us assist you in setting up your drug free environment initiatives today.

For your employees, they will be ensured of a safer working  environment knowing that they will not be hurt in an accident by a colleague under the influence due to drug or alcohol abuse.

School Administrators

Ensure your employees (teachers and office staff) set the right example. Ensure your athletes are not succumbing to pressure to enhance their performance.

Family Members

Do you have a concern about your child? Do you have a concern about your in-home child care or elder care provider? Our tests can provide you with a current and historical drug use. Let us assist you in determining which test best suits your circumstances.

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Do we Really Have to Drug Test our Children? {School-Administrators} By toxictrace On 2013-04-08

What kind of society has to set up a Formal Request for Bid to drug test school aged children?  I recently received a bid for Drug Screening Evaluation from a public school system in New Jersey.  The school actually wants to test children for the presence of Opiates, Amphetamines, Cocaine, PHP, THC, Barbituates, Benzodiazepines, Morpheines, K2/Spice, Steroids and other street and prescription drugs.  If the children are on any of these drugs, without advice of a physician, they are most probably sitting in classrooms like Zombies.  Or lurking in the hallways being a nuisance and danger to other students.  By the way, as a tax payer am I paying for this school's new drug screening program?  I am not naieve to the existence of recreational drug use by curious children but Ketamine? Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Methadone - this is not recreational curiousity - this is addiction and up to absolutely no good.   

Have we come to that place in time, where school administrators have to bid this project out because of the enormity of the amount of drug abuse in our systems?  Steroid, Rape Drugs, Oxcodone - how can a child sit in a classroom and learn anything if these are the drugs of their afterschool activities?  I would think if a child were under the influence of any of these substances, then it would be apparent, and bidding a project out to a doctor, lab or private provider is just an administrative and accounting nightmare.  IF the child is that far along, someone else failed.  Pick the child out of the classroom, call in mommy/daddy or whoever is the legal guardian and have that person bring you back a clean alcohol/drug screen for their child before that particular child is let back into to infest the other children.  At the same time, have that mommy/daddy or legal guardian brought to the attention of DYFS because obviously the child is neglected and in harm if they are using any of these street drugs. 

The school's responsibiity is to 1.)  educate our children and at the same time insure the safety of our children while in their care.  I have witnessed, long before the Sandy Hook tragedy that certain schools have armed police men in the cafeteria (I am talking about a middle school - ages 10 - 12). If you have children in  your school system who need to be randomly tested for K2/Spice/MDMA (also known as Ecstasy) -and need an armed Policemen on duty  that school system has already failed, no child is being educated - it is most likely just a "babysitting" service while the moms/dads/legal guardians are either trying to make ends meet or out doing their own thing. 

Summer is coming, send out fliers with end of year report cards, to all parents and legal guardians that their little darling won't be accepted back into school in September without a full doctor's report on the child's health which should include up to date vaccine information, dental visits, as well as any recreational drug use present in a drug/alcohol screen done by their private physician and any other psychological issues that are brewing - the school is responsible for the safety of all of the children - those with drug/alcohol/psych issues need to be watched in order to safeguard other children.

Where are children age 14 - 18 getting the drugs from?  What about strict liability laws - no drugs in/near school zones.  How are the rest of the children being protected - how has the abuse of such horrendous street drugs become so rampant that a school needs to bid it out on such a scale?  Or is this just a revenue generating process for the school.

And yet, in June how many teachers will retire on great big fat pension checks, and benefit packages leaving behind in their wake drug addicted, uneducated, un- employable children in this particular school district?  Are they proud of a job well done, or are they just happy to get the hell out of there?

Date Rape Drugs By toxictrace On 2010-06-02

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault - DATE RAPE - They use such playful terms such as "e", or "love drug" or "special k" - the slang words sound fun - nothing harmful -  but just ask anyone who has been unknowingly subjected to these toxic nervous system depressant drugs and there is nothing fun about the experience.  Painful memories follow you for years. 

Picture this, you are out with your friends, at the beach, at a local club, dancing, flirting with a cute guy or girl,  and all of a sudden you feel more intoxicated than you should? or you feel nauseous, dizzy, disoriented  - maybe a weird heaviness in your arms and legs.  IF you don't think you should be drunk or intoxicated but you are - let your friends know and have someone you know take you home.  If a kindly stranger is right there at  your side offering assistance.  SAY NO.  Unless it is an identified Police Officer or local official.  Instead call someone in a position of authority, call attention to your situation and if you have the ability let your friends know that you cannot be left alone until a parent, legal guardian or person in authority comes for you.  These "date rape drugs" generally take about 10 - 15 minutes to feel the effects and may have a bitter or salty taste but often times have no taste, color or odor. 

Some old advice is never pick up your drink after you have left it unattended while dancing, using the bathroom or just looked away while talking to someone.   Always know the person who is preparing your drink - bartender or frat boy - best friend or stranger - watch them and be aware of the taste of your drink.  Always have MAD Money - that is the amount of money it takes to get you home safely in a private cab or car service.

If you think you were raped - understand that no one invites or causes or deserves to be sexually assaulted.  RAPE is not about morals or even about sex - it is a FELONY CRIME.  Men and women alike wake up and have no memory of the preceding hours but their bodies often feel and show signs of abuse.  You may wake up partially or fully undressed or maybe  your predator left no signs.  If you have some uneasy feeling about the preceding nights events, collect your first morning urine specimen and store it in the refrigerator until you can hand it off to a professional drug tester.  Preserve your clothes and sheets and do not shower, douche, or brush your teeth until you have spoken to a professional. If you have the previous night's drink glasses or bottles, keep it for evidence.  Call your local rape crisis center and ask them for help. 732-264-4111 or 1-888-264-7273.  All your phone calls are confidential. 

Your local DNA & drug screening center will test your urine for the following substances - Methlenedioxymenthamphetamine or MDMA; Gamma Buyterolactone; Ketamine; Rohypnol and/or Embalming Fluids.   (Marijuana soaked in embalming fluids will have a strong noxious odor while burning and can cause unconsciousness for about 4 hours)  If you are unable to preserve your first morning's urine, these drugs can also be detected in hair and nails up to 90 days after the event; however, a clear timeframe must be indicated on the day of testing, ie, "I think that someone gave me a daterape drug on June 1st" - in this way, your drug screener will notify the laboratory where to concentrate for the presence of a drug.  

Drinking is not a crime but can only be enjoyed in moderation.  Excessive drinking lowers your inhibitions - know when to stop and know how to get home safely.  Drugs, whether they are prescribed or not, combined with drinking are a lethal combination - just do a search on Karen Ann Quinlan.


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  • Alcohol...can kill oneself, others or even a business.
  • Drugs...illegal and even legal ones can cause one to wreak a life, family and business.
  • Under the Influence...of drugs or alcohl changes a persons behavior, abilities and reactions.
  • Employers...own it to their business, customers and employees for a drug free zone!
  • Schools...bad behavior effects all in the learning of both knowledge and social norms.
  • Personal...families are the most effected since relationships and feelings are involved.

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